Free Meal Distribution to the patients of Mucormycosis & COVID

Free Meal Distribution to the NEEDY people

3,000+ Bhagavad Gita Distributed Freely to the COVID Patients

Gita Distribution to the patients who recovered from Covid and who took our prasadam.

Free Food to Needy During COVID-19

People who are daily wagers and jobless due to corona pandemic, their family suffering from food and hunger. We, by the grace of Lord Sri Krishna, humbly tried to provid free meal to them during lockdown. Please help us to feed more by your generous contribution.


Help us by Donating for feeding 2,500+ needy people & their family daily.

We have distributed more than 3,00,000 plates till now and it's increasing..

Kamika Ekadashi

Dt: 4 August 2021, Wednesday

Break the fast next day from 06:20 am to 10:41 am

our activities

Book Distribution

We distribute Srila Prabhupada’s Books to the people in general street by street so that they may be raised to the spiritual quest.


Harinam sankirtan

Since last 14 years we are performing Harinam Sankirtan at Race course ring road whole circle by chanting the Holy Names of Sri Krishna and Rama.


sunday feast

 Sunday, we organize a great feast to feed prasadam to whoever and as many come at temple. It is held in the evening after 6pm every Sunday.


We have more than 60 cows and calves in our Gaushala. We try to serve cows by caring for its feelings and needs with love and devotion to please Krishna.


Prasadam distribution TO NEEDY

We distribute prasadam to the needy people who are blind, physically defected, senior citizen, and aren’t having any facility for food.


Life Membership

By becoming a life member, you get a benefit to contribute for the construction of the temple and distribution of Srila Prabhupada’s books. You also get the chance to stay and have prasad at ISKCON’s centers at minimum maintenance charge. 

House program

We have nice house programs in Rajkot city area. Whoever is interested to have Sri Sri Gaur NItai welcoming to their home & have Nice Nagar Sankirtan in your surrounding as well as in your house, please contact us – 9898550185


narsimha hom (yagna)

For peace and remove all kinds of negativities & increase devotional service to the Lord, you can organize a Narsimha Havan (yagna) to your house.

Contact – 9898550185


Japa Meditation

Chant the all purifying Mahamantra for this age – Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare || Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Try to start with one Mala and increase upto 16 japa rounds and see that your life becomes sublime. To have more guidelines in chanting please contact – 9898550185


HDFC A/c No.: 03791450000451

AVAIL 80G BENIFITS ON THE DONATIONS MADE TO ISKCON AS PER INCOME TAX RULE Tax Exemption Certificate Ref. No.: आ. नि. (छू.) मु. न./80-जी/1667/2007/2008-2009 Validity extended perpetually vide CBDT Circular No. 7/2010 dated 27/10/2010

Reach Us

CONTACT US - 9898550185 (Vaishnavseva Das - President)