Daily Free meal to Needy people at Civil Hospital Rajkot

We distribute free meal (Prasadam) to the needy patients and their relatives at Civil Hospital, Rajkot

Food to Needy During COVID-19

By the grace of Lord Sri Krishna and Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva, we are trying to help and feed more than 2,500 needy labours and their families in our nearest area during this COVID-19 pandemic situation. While preparing, packing and distributing Krishna Prasad food (Shabji-Roti), we maintain proper precautions namely- social distancing, wearing of masks etc. There is no doubt, that this distribution of food is risky, but, eventhough the devotees take all the risk to help the society. Vaishnava Jan to tene kahie je peed parai jane re…. A true Vaishnava is he who understands and feels the pain of others in pain. Upto the present day, we have, by the grace of the Lord, distributed about more than 3,00,000 plates to the needy people. We try to reach 2,500+ people daily to feed them sumptuous food. 


Help us by Donating for feeding 2,500+ needy people & their family daily.

We have distributed more than 3,00,000 plates till now and it's increasing..

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