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Sri Prahlad International School in Rajkot was started in 2006 by H H Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj with a vision of providing high class education along with teaching cultural values to incorporate the rich Vedic tradition as a way of life to the current generation of children at a subsidized fees especially for under-privileged children.

The children learn Vedic values, traditions, arts and devotion along with the regular syllabus. The parents of the children are very inspired by the way the children are cultured in the school and a no. of them started serving the school in various ways. The school being run inside the temple premises of Sri Sri Radha NeelMadhav dham gives the added advantage for the children to spend quality time praying in front of the deities and chant the holy names every day before commencing their classes. The teachers are also very kind and give individual attention to each kid which is considered as the hallmark of the school. 

The strict standards set by H H Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj acts as the guiding principle for the Principal H G Alaknanda devi dasi who along with her husband H G Vaishnava seva das, the temple president of ISKCON Rajkot has dedicated their life for the success of each student in the school.

The Prahlad School children have a special love for the school and they fondly remember the pure love bestowed upon them by H H Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj.

We have a no. of service requirements in Sri Prahlad School and interested devotees are requested to look into the details below for the various types of services and contact details.

To Donate From India

HDFC Bank account number 03791450000451
Branch – Kalawad Road RAJKOT

To Donate From Other Countries

Contact – Vaishnava Seva das: +91-9898550185

Service Head (Per Student) Yearly Complete
Tuition Fees (KG) 14,000 42,000
Tuition Fees (1st-8th Std) 15,000 120,000
School Uniform Sponsorship 2,500 25,000

If you are interested in sponsoring the education for one or more children, please contact Vaishnavseva Prabhu at +91-9898550185.

At present there are 2 school vans to pick up and drop the children. Since most of the children are under privileged, the transportation charges are very minimal (500 – 800 Rs per month). 

We have a plan to buy 3 more vans in the near future and the  cost of each van is around 12-15 Lakhs. We are looking for sponsors either in part or full. 

If you are interested in sponsoring the school vans, please contact Vaishnavseva Prabhu at +91-9898550185.

With the strength of the students increasing each year, we have a renovation plan to build more rooms in the current school and also build an additional building as an expanded structure to accommodate more children. The estimated cost of renovating the school building is around 75 Lakhs. 

There is also a requirement to purchase additional tables, benches, chairs, whiteboard, stationary etc. The total cost of these additional equipment is around 10 Lakhs. 

You can contribute towards these expenses either in part or in full. If you are interested in sponsoring for the School Building Renovation, please contact Vaishnavseva Prabhu at +91-9898550185.