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September 14, 2021

Today is the auspicious day of Radhashtami. Also Radharani is the personification of
compassion of the Lord. She is the bhakti sakti of the Lord. The very name Radharani comes
from the Sanskrit word “Aradhana” which means intense worship because she excels in
worshiping Lord Krishna. Srimati Radharani is Jagan-mata, the spiritual mother of all souls,
personification of purity, selflessness, caring, sharing, nurturing and love. Though Lord Krishna
is supreme controller, He is controlled by the pure devotion of Radharani. In fact Srimati
Radharani has perfectly internalized the devotional mood of always remembering Krishna and
as the mother of the entire universe She cares for each and everyone of us and recommends us
to the Lord. It is not enough to sing the names of Radharani superficially without absorbing her
pure devotional mood in our own hearts.We should beg for a drop of mercy from Her on this
auspicious day so that we can also develop these qualities in our hearts in this lifetime.
Lord Krishna is called Madhana Mohana since He attracts Cupid the demigod of conjugal love.
But Srimati Radharani attracts even Krishna by Her pure devotional service and hence She is
called Madhana Mohana Mohini. Also the relation between Radharani and Krishna is not like a
romantic relation between boy and girl. It is the relation between the Supreme Lord and His
internal energy. So there is not even a tinge of material inebrieties in their relationship. So great
sages such as Sanat kumaras glorify Her greatness. Below is a beautiful pastime from Garga
Bhagavatam about the purity of devotion of Srimati Radharani.
Once in a place called Siddhashrama, Srimati Radharani and gopis came to take bath. At that
time, Lord Krishna was married and living in Dwaraka with Rukmini and other queens. He also
came to that place along with the queens to take the sacred bath. Seeing that Lord Krishna has
come with His queens, the happy gopis called out “All glories! All glories!”
With folded hands Sri Radha circumambulated Sri Krishna. Then tears of bliss fell from Her
lotus eyes.Then, offering Him a throne with feet of syamantaka jewels, sides of cintamani
jewels, a middle glistening with rubies, a back of kaustubha jewels, opulent with many parijata
flowers, round as the moon, and with a glorious dome and a parasol showering nectar, smiling
Sri Radha said to Lord Krishna, “Now my life is a success. Now my austerities are a success. “O
Krishna, now that You have come My practice of religion is a success and My bathing at
Siddhasrama is a wonderful success. Actually I have no devotion to You (mayapi na krita
bhaktis), who are served by Your real devotees.” And then She recollected some of the Lord’s
pastimes in Vrindavan and said how Lord Krishna performed all the activities for the pleasure of
the residents of Vrindavana.
As Sri Radha was speaking these words, Chandranana informed Her of the queens’ presence.
Respectfully glancing at the queens, Sri Radha offered them all respect. Meeting Rukmini,
Jambavati, Satyabhama, Satya, Bhadra, Lakshmana, Kalindi, Mitravinda, sixteen thousand
other queens, headed by Rohini, Sri Radha, filled with love and joy, embraced them in Her arms
and Radhanrani said to them “O queens, as a bumblebee understands the glory of lotus
flowers, as a jeweler understands the glory of jewels, as a scholar understands the glory of
knowledge, as a poet understands the glory of poetry, and as a person expert at tasting nectar
understands the glory of the nectar held by thousands of saintly devotees, so only a devotee of
Krishna can understand the glory of Krishna in truth.”
Hearing this Srimati Rukmini, “O Radha, O daughter of King Vrishabhanu, You are fortunate.
Krishna is conquered by Your love. He is under Your control. The three worlds glorify Krishna,
but Krishna glorifies You.We have already heard of Your great love for Lord Krishna, so we are
not surprised now that we may see it directly. Please come to our palanquins. We have come
here to honor You and take You with us.”
Saying this Rukmini took Radharani to Her golden palanquin and offered Her all worship. Also
Rukmini and her co-wives worshiped the hundred groups of gopis one by one. And they made
arrangements for the gopis to take rest and returned to their own palanquins. Seeing that Lord
Krishna was still awake, Rukmini went to His side and said, “Master, how do You not sleep?”
The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: “O girl with the beautiful eyebrows, Radha was very
pleased by the respectful welcome you gave Her. She always drinks milk before She takes a
rest. Still, O girl with the beautiful eyebrows, you did not arrange that She have milk to drink. For
that reason, O noble-hearted girl, sleep has not come to Her eyes. O daughter of King
Bhishmaka, because She cannot sleep, I cannot sleep”.
After hearing these words, Rukmini, accompanied by her co-wives, brought a cup of milk to Sri
Radha. Then Rukmini affectionately gave to Sri Radha a golden cup filled with hot milk
sweetened with sugar. Then, accompanied by Satyabhama and the other queens, Rukmini
respectfully offered Radha some betel nuts. Approaching Lord Krishna, beautiful Sri Rukmini
told what she had done.
Then she worshiped the Lord’s lotus feet.As she massaged them with her soft flower-bud
hands, Rukmini suddenly noticed many blisters on the soles of Lord Krishna’s feet. She was
very surprised.Sri Rukmini said: Master, how have these blisters come on the soles of Your
feet? I cannot understand the reason. As the sixteen thousand queens listened, cheerful Lord
Krishna, wishing to show them the depth of Sri Radha’s love, spoke to Rukmini.The Supreme
Personality of Godhead said: “Day and night My lotus feet stay in Sri Radha’s lotus heart. Bound
by ropes of love and devotion, they cannot leave for a moment or even half a moment. When Sri
Radha drank that very hot milk, My lotus feet in Her heart became burnt and that is why they are
now covered with blisters. You did not offer Her warm milk. You offered Her milk that was far too
hot”. When they heard His words, Sri Rukmini and the other beautiful queens that had been
massaging Lord Krishna’s feet became filled with wonder. They understood that Sri Radha’s
love for Lord Krishna has no rival and no equal in this world. It is the greatest love.
Above story tells us that Radharani always bears the lotus feet of Krishna in Her heart. It is
because Her heart does not burn due to envy of any sort. She is happy if others perform
devotional service to Krishna. She always thinks that other devotees are better than Her and
she is happy to recommend all living entities to Krishna. If we become free from envy and
appreciate other’s bhakti, we will be able to bear Krishna’s feet in our hear always. Now as long
as our heart is burning with envy, if Krishna manifest in our heart, his feet will be always burnt
with blisters. Also in the above story we can see that Rukmini and Radharani glorify each other
and no tinge of envy in their heart. When Krishna glorifies Radharani’s bhakti, Rukmini is happily
hearing that. So we pray at the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani for Her causeless mercy so that
we can get a glimpse of pure devotional service.


September 14, 2021