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Sunday Program

Srila Prabhupad, the Founder Acharya of International Society for Krishna consciousness (ISKCON) had always been encouraging us to distribute food (Krishna Prasad) free for all.

And to following the instructions we at ISKCON Rajkot organize “Sunday Love Feast” on every Sunday.

This is our unique food distribution program which satisfies the body by providing first class vegetarian meals to everyone.

And it simultaneously satisfies the soul because the food is prepared by temple devotees and offered to Lord Shri Krishna before it is distributed.

Thus it becomes Krishna Prasad.

And not only that we are also distributing Hari Naam to everyone with devotion.So come and join us to chant the Holy Names of the Lord, take Krishna Prasad & understand the philosophy of Vedic scriptures given by Lord Shri Krishna.

We love to invite you all.

Come & be a part of the “Sunday Love Feast”.